Terms and Conditions – Empowering  You Therapies.


Empowering You Therapies – Therapist/Client Contact

Any type of therapeutic relationship requires maximum commitment in order to work effectively and I ask that you carefully read and sign this contract before beginning your first therapy session.

Attendance and cancellations

  • You must give as much notice as possible if you cannot attend a pre-arranged session, either by informing Empowering You Therapies by telephone (07436 013825 or 01736 013825) or emailing fiona@empoweringyoutherapies.co.uk
  • If you miss a pre-arranged session without giving 24 hours notice you will be required to pay 50% for this session.
  • In the rare occasion that Empowering You Therapies is unable to attend an appointment, I will endeavour to give as much notice as possible. For this reason it is essential that I have a contact telephone number.
  • If you arrive late for your therapy appointment, please respect that I may have other clients due for appointments and may not be able to provide a full session as planned.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

  • Any information you provide me will be treated confidentially at all times during your therapy. Empowering You Therapies complies with current UK legislation to ensure your data is stored safely and protected.
  • Empowering You Therapies complies with the ethical frameworks of their respective professional bodies in relation to client confidentiality.

Treatment Protocols and Confidentiality

  • The frequency of your appointments will be discussed and agreed with you during the course of your treatment.
  • If you change your GP during the course of your therapy you must provide Empowering You Therapies with the new GP’s name and contact details.
  • It is imperative that all medical conditions and medications are fully and honestly declared so as not to compromise the therapy process. The signature on this contract is for the client to confirm that all medical and medication details that have been given on the intake form are correct and that the therapist will not be liable if any information has been knowingly withheld.
  • At regular intervals during the course of your therapy, time will be set aside in the session to review your progress and you may be asked to complete anxiety and/or depression rating scales.
  • At any time during your therapy, should your therapist feel that you could be a danger to yourself or others, or that you may be in danger of harm from others, they may contact your GP, the emergency services, or other relevant professional. Furthermore you understand that should your therapist have any concerns relating to the safety of a child or vulnerable adult they will be required to inform the relevant professional. Unless the circumstances are exceptional you will always be informed prior to any action being taken.
  • You understand that you can make a comment, compliment or complaint at any time during your therapy about your experience by contacting any of the following respective professional bodies: Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), The National Register for Psychotherapists and Counsellors (NRPC), The British BrainWorking Research Society (BBRS), The American Association for Meridian Therapies (AAMET) and The Complementary and National Healthcare Council (CNHC).
  • No therapy nor any therapist can help every single client and no therapist can accept credit for success or lack thereof because the ability to change remains with the client. Our therapies are client centred methods and I keep up with latest developments to ensure that the best resources are available to clients, thereby offering clients the best opportunity for positive change.
  • As a result of undertaking a therapy process, you may feel that you no longer need the same level of medication. This must always be done in consultation with the relevant medical professional.



You agree to abide by the terms of this contract:

Client’s Name:____________________________________________________




I agree that I will make no changes whatsoever to my existing medical regime without first consulting with my Doctor and/or Consultant.