All testimonials on this page have been published with the client's permission. I am very proud to have helped them create a new and more positive chapter in their life.

My son, D age 7, came to see Fiona because he was having anxiety about going to school. Due to this, he was also finding it hard to mix with his class mates and found himself becoming quite isolated from his friends, which then was causing other difficulties. He has one session of BWRT and is now happily attending school and is like a different boy altogether.

KA, Jul 2017

I love sports and am very good at running. However, although I am proud to be part of competitions, I really struggle badly with nerves. Fiona was highly recommended to me by my parents and after a bug push, I went along to talk to her – and I am very glad that I did. She’s really awesome and makes you feel comfortable. I felt I could tell her things I couldn’t tell anyone else. We did a session BWRT and that gave me the confidence to go out and compete, no matter what the outcome (I actually won my race though!!). Thank you very much Fiona.

J, male age 13, Jun 2017

I had heard about the work Fiona was doing through my husband. I was struggling with exams that I had studies very hard for and failed first time due my nerves on the day. I only had a limited number of attempts to sit it and to the pressure going for the second time was immense. My sessions with Fiona were amazing, particularly as I didn’t really buy into this type of therapy, but I was mistaken big time. The day I got up for my exam, I was calm and that really threw me!!??? And I went and did my test and passed and that was down to the work we did. Fiona is an amazing person – so positive and the methods she uses just incredible. When you are having them, you don’t feel like they will work but they are just implanted in your brain and are just incredible. I so recommend this lovely lady.

SP – May 2017

I had BWRT with Fiona to help my sweet cravings. I found I would be searching the cupboards to find something to munch on even when I wasn’t hungry. The session really helped me to focus on other things and whereas I still have the odd bar of chocolate or unhealthy snack, I am craving sweet and junk food much less. It has helped me over a stone in weight and I feel so much healthier. Thank you Fiona!

JS, Nov 2016

At the age of 40, I decided to learn to swim. Following a frightening experience as a young child, I had always been terrified of swimming pools and as much as I wanted to spend time in the sea, I was too scared to do more than paddle. Whilst I was having lessons from an exceptional swimming teacher and had made great progress with her, I was being held back by the fear of going out of my depth and could not swim far as I couldn’t master the breathing techniques. I had a session of BWRT with Fiona and the following week I saw to the deep end on my back. I had to give up swimming lessons when funds ran out but having a great swimming teacher, together with Fiona’s input, has meant I can now fulfil my dream of swimming in the sea.

CC, Oct 2016

When Fiona first introduced herself, life for our family was in turmoil. Our 7 year old son had just been diagnosed with severe Juvenile Hypermobility Syndrome. It had been a long road to get a diagnosis and by this time he was on a mixture of daily drugs to deal with the pain – paracetamol, ibuprofen and most days he also needed doses of morphine. At night he also had to take Amitrypalene to ease the cramps that would make him scream throughout the night. At most he could walk 80 metres and he only managed half days at school due to his pain. This eventually wore him down and he developed fibromyalgia. So when Fiona walked into our lives and said she could help I felt like she wrapped her arms around our entire family and held us together. Fiona worked with our son over a few sessions, each time fully explaining what she was going to do and answering all of our questions. Fiona used hypnotherapy to teach our son how to lower his pain and regain control over his body, and to also boost his self esteem. This process allowed our son to begin the hydrotherapy and physiotherapy he so desperately needed. 18 months on….. Our son is now back at school full-time, plays football and swims and no longer takes any kind of medication for pain. What he does still use, regularly, is all the techniques that Fiona taught him. I can honestly say that Fiona walking into our lives was the turning point we needed. I would recommend Fiona Fear without hesitation and a gold star award xxx

GB – Sept 2016

I first went to Fiona after a lifetime of suffering from an extreme phobia of spiders. I would search my bedroom every night all around the windows, under the sills and curtains, behind my bed and every corner of the room. August, September and April/May this was obsessive. Had I come across a spider, I wouldn’t be able to stay in that room and be hyper vigilant for the rest of the night. I couldn’t look at a picture or touch a page if there was a spider photo. I have always lived in newish houses despite preferring older, characterful properties and this was solely because of my fear. I couldn’t believe that just 45 minutes with Fiona would be all I would need to turn this around but that is exactly what happened. I came home feeling no different and sat in the garden with my daughter. It wasn’t long before one of those stocky, small, black garden spiders scuttled at speed across the patio towards me. My daughter shot indoors whilst I bent down and caught it in my hands and returned it to the garden. My daughter shouting, “Don’t you bring that thing near me!” Which would normally have been my response. I felt exhilarated by my reaction and a certain amount of disbelief. Since I have dealt with huge spiders similarly. The first initial response is a bit of a sharp intake but then I know I can deal with it and the feeling subsides. Fiona has told me that she can do further work with me to get rid of any residual fear but as yet, I don’t need it. It is nice to know that she is there for a further session should I need it. I was treated over a year ago and I am. It exaggerating when I say it has changed my life.

SC – June 2016

I went to Fiona with a fear of blood and needles. I’d suffered from this for as long as I could remember. Parents having to come to school to get me after fainting because of a jag, always having my dad with me at the dentist. I’d heard of hypnotism being extremely affective but always had my doubts. Amazingly those doubts disappeared very quick. After only a few sessions with Fiona it was time to test it! I had some health issues which I needed to give blood for and do you know what……I was completely FINE!!!!! No fainting, no head between my legs or having to call for help to get home. The whole experience was incredible, Fiona was extremely easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. I would definitely do it again even if it was just for relaxation.

MG – May 2013